CLEAN minutes 12/6/13

CLEAN minutes 12/6/13

Present – Robyn, Gemma, Chris
Climate Science and Action Conference (October)
Gemma ran through program to date. General discussion. Particularly around speakers and ‘actions’ for the final session.Need to involve more people in organising. Next CLEAN meeting to focus on creative brainstorming for conference. Aim to re-engage old CLEANies and recruit new.
Gemma and Renfrey to contact various potential speakers as per meeting with AEU
Robyn to approach John Rice re ESL strand
Robyn to research presenters for Creative Campaigning workshop/ Arts strand
Robyn to put call to list for ideas re agricultural/ arts speakers
Gemma and Robyn to phone contact people to come to next meeting
Do the Maths – Bill McKibben Simulcast
Gemma reported back on this FOE event. Good numbers at events interstate, reasonable turn up here given late notice of venue. Useful statistics maps presented + info re divestment campaigns which aim to take away social licence of companies to continue fossil fuel pollution (ie student fossil free campus campaigns, banking and super divestment). Also inspiring stuff on Keystone Gas Pipeline protests, the largest demonstrations in the USA for 30 years.
Chris to investigate site for useful campaign materials including Australian fossil fuel map
Robyn research Santos corporate events for future actions
Climate Change and the Federal Budget
Gemma presented information on positives and negatives for climate issues in the budget. Positives included: over $500 million in cuts for ‘clean coal’ programs, $10 billion remains in CLEAN Energy Finance Corporation
Negatives included: 2.4 billion cuts from climate change programs including Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the Biodiversity Fund, plus huge subsidies to fossil fuel companies continue (such as fuel tax credit scheme)
Next Meeting
Wed July 3 6:30 – 8:30pm. Dinner and creative brainstorming/ planning for October conference

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