CLEAN meeting – 12th April

Saturday April 12, 2:00pm – 4:00pm 
Adelaide Activist Centre, Room 205, Level 2,
95 Currie St, Adelaide.
Come along for our postponed discussion about the psychology of climate change (readings at We’ll also plan our next campaign stalls and prepare for a film screening of Greedy Lying Bastards on Sat. 10 May. Old and new faces all welcome. Bring a snack to share if you wish. For info contact Robyn   (0404 303 120)  Don’t forget to check out the informative CLEAN Facebook page at

2 thoughts on “CLEAN meeting – 12th April

  1. Sounds fantastic. I am not in South Australia, but wish you every success.
    But with one proviso.
    In South Australia there is a strong push going on to bring nuclear power to Australia.

    I do hope that your organisation is not classing nuclear power as “clean” and is not getting funding from the nuclear lobby

    • Hi Christina,
      Nuclear power is still a finite fuel and is not renewable. Here in Australia we can easily get 100% of our power from solar and wind (and tidal, geothermal, etc..). We certainly don’t need coal, gas, oil or nuclear to power such a sunburnt country.

      There are some countries, including England where their population density and energy usage per capita is so high that even if the whole country was covered in solar panels and wind turbines they wouldn’t be able to power themselves with renewables. In that case Nuclear seems to have lower CO2 emissions per megawatt than most other fossil fuels.
      Thankfully such a need is being ever reduced with better energy efficiency measures and newer technologies like offshore wind turbines or high voltage DC powerlines which could bring renewable power from somewhere like Spain.

      More information about England’s lack of 100% renewable energy can be found in the paper “Sustainable Energy : Without the hot air”

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