People’s Climate March

Peoples Climate March - Adelaide 2014 Poster


Poster / Flyer downloads (courtesy of AYCC)

The People’s Climate March

in Adelaide will be held at 11am on the 20th of September at Rundle Park.

This will be the biggest day of global climate action to date. In New York their march is going to be something awe inspiring. But we have a chance to show the world how it’s done.
The rest of the world are doing their march on the 21st, but we in Adelaide are doing it on Saturday the 20th as the City to Bay is on the next day. This means that the world is going to be looking to us as an example of how to have an epic rally.
Lets show them how it is done by loudly marching from Rundle Park to Elder Park. After releasing our pent up anger, we can then work together on the various campaigns that are actually making a difference. From divestment to investment to direct action, there’s opportunities for you and your friends to use your legs, your mouth or your wallet to make a difference.

Come to the March next Saturday. Make a difference.
Ohh and don’t forget to say hi to everyone else there!

For more information check out the CLEANSA post about the event and hit ‘Join’ on Facebook. Don’t live in Adelaide? Check out the CORENA Facebook event of Australian locations and just by clicking ‘Join’ $1 will be donated towards renewables.

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