Climate Awareness Oasis – Proposal

Below is the main content of the CLEANSA Climate Awareness Oasis proposal. You can download the full version as an editable word doc, or a generic PDF version.

The Climate Emergency Action Network of South Australia (CLEAN SA) is seeking collaboration with local councils, not for profit organisations and community groups on a community engagement project over the summer of 2014/15.

Our proposal centres on the idea of a Climate Awareness Oasis being set up at key public locations where people frequent in the hot weather, such as beaches. At these locations, we would set up engaging information booths with interactive activities, aiming to inspire engagement on the interconnected issues of climate change and extreme weather, as well as heat safety and community resilience.

We envision the Climate Awareness Oasis stalls being made up of multiple components – facilitating access by different audiences and enabling different levels of interaction and interest.

These may include (but need not be limited to):

  • Information displays – climate science, connection to extreme weather, heatwave safety, ways for people to get involved

  • Giveaways eg. Water, ice cream, sunblock

  • A solar-powered media tent (eg. laptop set up w/ videos, PowerPoint presentation)

  • Interactive activities – ideas include:

    • Photo petition

    • Summer heat action pledge

    • Workshops / climate presentations

    • Kids area & activities eg. face-painting, climate fact trail/treasure hunt

  • Kites flying climate-change messages

  • A model of a solar-thermal power plant like the one proposed for Port Augusta

  • Visual displays of projected sea level rise and temperature increases

  • ‘Ask a climate scientist’ (a guest climate scientist in residence to answer people’s questions)

To help make this proposal a reality, CLEAN requests assistance to:

  • Provide access to potential sites
  • Provide financial and/or in-kind support and sponsorship (eg. For the provision of giveaways)
  • Provide information resources for distribution on heat safety, adaptation measures and existing local climate change projects
  • Provide shade structures and infrastructure
  • Print materials and signage
  • Assist with staffing the Oasis
  • Promote the Oasis
  • Connect us with relevant community groups


The hot weather experienced in Adelaide over summer, and particularly during heatwaves, compels the general public to consider the impacts of climate change and what life will actually feel like in a warming world.

CLEAN believes this is an ideal time to conduct awareness-raising activities regarding climate change and heat-related health issues, exploring how to care for ourselves during extreme heat events and how to care for the planet to avoid further catastrophic hot weather.

The Climate Awareness Oasis aims to educate the public about climate change, but more importantly to inspire people to take action and become part of the solution. 

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