Solar Thermal in Pt Augusta is a go!!

Solar Thermal is coming to Port Augusta!

Last week we heard the incredible news that Premier Weatherill and the South Australian Government will back solar thermal with storage in Port Augusta!  Construction of the 150-megawatt plant will commence next year and is expected to provide 100% of the state government’s energy needs by 2020.

Read the ABC news article here.

This is a massive win for the climate, the local Port Augusta community, and people power!  It is the culmination of a strong grassroots campaign over the last seven years, which CLEAN members were at the forefront of.

Back in 2010, inspired by the Beyond Zero Emissions “Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan”, a small group of committed CLEAN members travelled up to Port Augusta to engage the local community around this vision for a renewable future for their town.  Over the following years, a number of other groups came on board, forming the Repower Port Augusta Alliance, and a local action group was formed.  A diverse range of stakeholders – from local councils, to unions, to environmental groups, worked together to turn this vision into a reality.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in helping this campaign win – by running stalls, doorknocking, attending rallies, signing petitions, lobbying MPs or talking to friends and family about the issue.  Give yourselves a big pat on the back!

Let this win show us that people power can change the world – and combat climate change.  We have a long way to go to win the struggle to phase out fossil fuels and transition to 100% renewable energy, but for now, celebrate this win – together, we did it!

Celebrate Winning Solar Thermal for Port Augusta

Saturday 2nd September, 6:30pm
Central Oval, Port Augusta
RSVP via this form

Repower Port Augusta is throwing a party in Port Augusta to celebrate this amazing win for people power and the community.  Everyone who has supported the campaign over the years is invited to come along!

It’s going to be a great party and we’ve got a lot to celebrate! We’ll hear stories from some of the key leaders of this campaign throughout the years and it will be a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

Light food will be provided and drinks will be available for purchase at the bar. The event is free to attend but donations to cover costs will be appreciated.  Please RSVP if you will be attending to assist with catering. 

Hope to see you there!

Climate Awareness Oasis – Proposal

Below is the main content of the CLEANSA Climate Awareness Oasis proposal. You can download the full version as an editable word doc, or a generic PDF version.

The Climate Emergency Action Network of South Australia (CLEAN SA) is seeking collaboration with local councils, not for profit organisations and community groups on a community engagement project over the summer of 2014/15.

Our proposal centres on the idea of a Climate Awareness Oasis being set up at key public locations where people frequent in the hot weather, such as beaches. At these locations, we would set up engaging information booths with interactive activities, aiming to inspire engagement on the interconnected issues of climate change and extreme weather, as well as heat safety and community resilience.

We envision the Climate Awareness Oasis stalls being made up of multiple components – facilitating access by different audiences and enabling different levels of interaction and interest.

These may include (but need not be limited to):

  • Information displays – climate science, connection to extreme weather, heatwave safety, ways for people to get involved

  • Giveaways eg. Water, ice cream, sunblock

  • A solar-powered media tent (eg. laptop set up w/ videos, PowerPoint presentation)

  • Interactive activities – ideas include:

    • Photo petition

    • Summer heat action pledge

    • Workshops / climate presentations

    • Kids area & activities eg. face-painting, climate fact trail/treasure hunt

  • Kites flying climate-change messages

  • A model of a solar-thermal power plant like the one proposed for Port Augusta

  • Visual displays of projected sea level rise and temperature increases

  • ‘Ask a climate scientist’ (a guest climate scientist in residence to answer people’s questions)

To help make this proposal a reality, CLEAN requests assistance to:

  • Provide access to potential sites
  • Provide financial and/or in-kind support and sponsorship (eg. For the provision of giveaways)
  • Provide information resources for distribution on heat safety, adaptation measures and existing local climate change projects
  • Provide shade structures and infrastructure
  • Print materials and signage
  • Assist with staffing the Oasis
  • Promote the Oasis
  • Connect us with relevant community groups


The hot weather experienced in Adelaide over summer, and particularly during heatwaves, compels the general public to consider the impacts of climate change and what life will actually feel like in a warming world.

CLEAN believes this is an ideal time to conduct awareness-raising activities regarding climate change and heat-related health issues, exploring how to care for ourselves during extreme heat events and how to care for the planet to avoid further catastrophic hot weather.

The Climate Awareness Oasis aims to educate the public about climate change, but more importantly to inspire people to take action and become part of the solution. 

People’s Climate March

Peoples Climate March - Adelaide 2014 Poster


Poster / Flyer downloads (courtesy of AYCC)

The People’s Climate March

in Adelaide will be held at 11am on the 20th of September at Rundle Park.

This will be the biggest day of global climate action to date. In New York their march is going to be something awe inspiring. But we have a chance to show the world how it’s done.
The rest of the world are doing their march on the 21st, but we in Adelaide are doing it on Saturday the 20th as the City to Bay is on the next day. This means that the world is going to be looking to us as an example of how to have an epic rally.
Lets show them how it is done by loudly marching from Rundle Park to Elder Park. After releasing our pent up anger, we can then work together on the various campaigns that are actually making a difference. From divestment to investment to direct action, there’s opportunities for you and your friends to use your legs, your mouth or your wallet to make a difference.

Come to the March next Saturday. Make a difference.
Ohh and don’t forget to say hi to everyone else there!

For more information check out the CLEANSA post about the event and hit ‘Join’ on Facebook. Don’t live in Adelaide? Check out the CORENA Facebook event of Australian locations and just by clicking ‘Join’ $1 will be donated towards renewables.

QR code link to this post  [qr-code id=”213″] 

Greedy Lying Bastards – Film Screening

On Saturday the 10th of May from 6:30pm CLEANSA will be hosting a screening of Greedy Lying Bastards.

What : Film Screening of Greedy Lying Bastards

When : Sat 10th May, 6:30pm for 7pm start.

Where : Box Factory Community Centre, 59 Regent Street South, Adelaide.

Cost : $8 waged/ $5 concession

You can RSVP on the Facebook event.

For more information contact Gemma on 043 771 4786 (please note, the mobile number on the poster is incorrect!)


Greedy Lying Bastards poster

Download the PDF or JPG printable versions of the poster

Movie Trailer



Concentrating Solar Thermal – The Clean Energy “Killer App”

By Renfrey Clarke

Outside the city of Port Augusta in South Australia, the firm Alinta Energy runs the ageing, brown coal-fired Northern Power Station. Environmentalists and local campaigners want the plant replaced with state-of-the-art solar power generation. Alinta, domiciled in the Cayman Islands tax haven, would rather solar power were used to pre-heat water for the existing plant, which would then stay in operation for further decades.

But at least some things seem to be moving. In January it was announced that a $2.3 million study would investigate the potential for using Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) generating technology at Port Augusta. The study is to be funded jointly by the federal government’s Australian Renewable Energy Agency, by Alinta, and by the South Australian government.

CST technology involves capturing the sun’s heat and using it to create steam, which is then passed through a turbine to generate electricity. Most existing CST installations use parabolic mirrors to focus the sun’s rays on a pipe containing a synthetic oil able to be heated to high temperatures. A more modern method has a field of flat mirrors tracking the sun and reflecting its energy onto a central “power tower” collector, where it is used to heat molten salts. Continue reading

Climate Science Conference 3rd Oct

In a joint collaboration between CLEAN SA and the AEU (Australian Education Union), this one day conference on Thursday the 3rd of October is for community members, activists and educators. It features expert guest speakers such as  :

There will be talks about the impacts of climate change, panels and discussions about effective campaigning and a range of practical workshops about how to take action. The educational materials will have an Australian Curriculum focus.

You can download the (final) of the Conference Program here and register on the AEUSA website or have a look at their event information. If you want to follow the latest updates then check out the Facebook event.

AEU and CLEANSA climate Conference Poster, 3rd Oct 2013

Costs :

– Teacher (non-AEU member) : $110
– General Admission : $22
– BBQ lunch : $109

The Program :

Climate Science Conference Program - Draft

For more information contact Gemma on 0437 714 786 or email

Upcoming climate events

July 3rd, 2013    CLEANSA Dinner and Brainstorm Session
The Climate Science Conference: Education and action for climate will be held on 2 – 3 October 2013 in Adelaide, and is being organised by CLEAN and the Australian Education Union. We need your ideas and energy! Come along, enjoy a meal,  view the draft program and share your ideas.
6:30 – 8:30pm, Adelaide Activist Centre, Level 2, 95 Currie St, Adelaide.
June 20    Mining the Truth
Film screening at Flinders Uni this Thursday at 6pm.
June 21 – 23 Australian Climate Action Summit
The fifth Grass Roots Climate Summit being held at Blackwattle Bay Campus of the Sydney Secondary College, Taylor St. Glebe.
June 26  Clean Land and Water SA (CLAW)
New anti-gas group meeting at 6.30pm at the Conservation Council of SA
Level 1 157 Franklin St Adelaide/ Form more info contact
June 29  to “End the Age of Coal” International Day of Action
July 1  Lock the Gate Workshop with Annie Kia.
Annie has been very successful in helping communities mobilise against coal and gas mining interstate.
North Adelaide Community Centre (next to Library) 176 Tynte St North Adelaide
7.30pm to 9pm Charge: $5.00  $3.00 low income. RSVP
Save the Planet Party
A new party running three candidates in Victoria, including Adrian Whitehead, the co-founder of Beyond Zero Emissions and Phillip Sutton (co-author Climate Code Red). They are seeking members, friends and financial support.

Anti Gas meeting Wed 20th Feb

Stopping Gas Expansion in SA

Various gas projects planned for SA threaten to undermine any gains in renewable energy our state has made. CLEAN is committed to stopping the expansion of fossil fuels and rebukes the notion that gas is a ‘transitional fuel’. CLEAN aims to work collaboratively with other groups in SA who share these ideas. To this end there will be a working group/information sharing session between various individuals and groups on:

Wed Feb 20, 6.30pm at the Conservation Council Office 1/157 Franklin St Adelaide

We hope this can be the starting point for a coordinated campaign that can generate as much energy and community interest as the anti-Coal Seam Gas movement in other states. Hope to see you there!

For further information contact Ruth 0403 679 742 or Robyn 0404 303 120

Protest Santos – No Shale Gas in SA!

When : Friday, December 14, 2012  at 12:00pm
Where : At the King William End of Rundle Mall, Adelaide, South Australia

Protest Santos – No Shale Gas in SA!

Santos has recently commenced commercial shale gas production in at Moomba, South Australia, in the Cooper Basin.

The extraction and processing of unconventional shale gas is an environmentally destructive practice that leaks large amounts of methane into the atmosphere, dangerously leading us further down the path of runaway climate change. Shale gas has a greenhouse gas footprint of up to 2 times greater than coal on a 20-year time frame (Prof. Robert Howarth, Cornell University).

Shale gas will also double the wholesale price of gas, and will result in a whopping $263 increase in household gas bills per year.

Santos is condemning South Australia to become dependent on polluting and expensive unconventional gas when there are viable renewable alternatives available such as building concentrating solar thermal with storage at Port Augusta.

This disastrous project was made possible by recent legislation passed by the SA State Government which extinguishes the rights of Native Title holders to negotiate with mining companies on leases granted before the introduction of the Native Title Act in 2000.

Join us to say :
– No to unconventional gas
+ Yes to native title
+ Yes to renewables!

Meet at the King William End of Rundle Mall at 12 noon where we will stay for about half an hour with signs, banners and handing out leaflets. We’ll then walk down through the mall to Santos HQ – 60 Flinders St Adelaide, for an action out the front from 1pm.

Facebook Event :